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Pamela Beason
The Sam Westin Mysteries

Endangered - 1

When a toddler vanishes from a campground, the media quickly targets the park's cougars. But Sam has reason to believe that a man is responsible. Can she uncover the truth in time to save both the boy and the big cats? 


Bear Bait - 2

An explosion. An illegal hunter. A forest fire. A young girl barely clinging to life. What the heck is going on in Olympic National Park? Sam's determined to find out, but the evidence soon points to a plot more terrifying than she could ever imagine.


Undercurrents - 3

When her expedition partner is mysteriously killed in the Galapagos Islands, Sam is left alone to finish their assignment in a country where she doesn't understand the language or the dangerous political currents that threaten not only her mission but possibly her life.


Backcountry - 4

Kim and Kyla, two of Sam's best friends, were brutally murdered on a local hiking trail, and the killer is unidentified. When she takes Kyla's place to lead six troubled teens on a wilderness therapy trip,  Sam soon suspects that the killer may now be stalking her.


Borderland - 5

Sam's roommate and friend at the Southwestern Research Station has disappeared after sending her an incredible photo of a jaguar stranded by the wall on the U.S.- Mexico border. Was professional wildlife photographer Jade Silva captured or killed by drug runners or human traffickers, jailed by the Border Patrol, or is she lost somewhere in the mountains of southeastern Arizona? Does the pool of blood that Sam found belong to Jade or the jaguar, or to some unlucky migrant?


Cascade - 6

While Sam and her friends were enjoying a spring snow outing in the North Cascades, an earthquake launches multiple avalanches to wreak destruction on the slopes. Now skiers are dead and Sam’s lover, Chase, is fighting for his life.
If Sam hadn’t needed to answer the call to rescue a trapped wolverine, she wouldn’t have been buried, and her friends would have been safely off the mountain and back home. And criminal associates of her troubled young protégé Maya wouldn’t have trashed her unoccupied house and injured her cat.
Why did two teens want to capture a wolverine? Why has nobody come forward to claim their bodies? Are baby wolverines, still hidden beneath the snow, starving to death because their mother was murdered? Sam has to find the answers to bring some sanity back to her world.

Dave Butler
The Jenny Willson Mysteries

Full Curl - 1

When Willson discovers animals disappearing from Canada’s mountain parks, she begins a complex investigation that follows a trail of deceit, distraction and murder. With a growing list of victims, animal and human, Willson finds herself in a race for justice that crisscrosses the Canada-U.S. border and pushes Willson to a place from which she might not return.


No Place for Wolverines - 2

After a wolverine researcher dies in a mysterious fire, Willson forms an uneasy alliance with an RCMP corporal and an Idaho-based investigative journalist to expose the truth behind the ski hill project. With characteristic tenacity, she discovers that perception differs from reality. Willson ends up in a show-down with the American proponent, with her own agency and with the political puppeteers who pull strings in the shadows.


In Rhino We Trust - 3

Willson joins an American colleague on a secondment to assist Namibian authorities trying to stem the loss of rhinos to illegal poaching. But the plan takes a dramatic shift when Willson finds herself in the cross-hairs of a conspiracy of wildlife poachers backed by a shadowy network of international buyers who appear ready to eliminate any obstacles in their way, including Willson and her team. While the African assignment allows Willson to sidestep personal and professional questions that remain unanswered back home, she quickly recognizes that leaving the Canadian Rockies could have deadly ramifications.

Gregory Zeigler
The Susan Brand Mysteries

The Straw That Broke - 1

Lyndall Burke, a vulnerable young scientist and free spirit, gets caught up in a battle between ecoterrorists and corrupt public officials over water in the drought-stricken desert Southwest. Lyndall's disappearance leads police officer Susan Brand and private investigator Jake Goddard to rush to her aid, but abduction, deceit, and murder could lead to a cataclysmic ending jeopardizing the entire region.


Some Say Fire - 2

Former police officer Susan Brand and private investigator Jake Goddard are up against nefarious arsonists setting forest fires in the drought-stricken Southwest. Bodies are found in the fires, each with an arrow through the chest. Who are the murderers taking advantage of climate change to spread terror and cause widespread destruction? Goddard and Brand rush to discover the truth before more innocent people die and a conflagration devours the Southwest.

Rare as Earth Cover.jpg

Rare as Earth - 3

Jake Goddard and Susan Brand battle the usual suspects doing the usual suspect things—such as abduction and attempted murder. Our heroes are joined by young warriors for the planet and are up against corrupt corporate and government officials in the extractive industry angling for illicit profits associated with the reduction of national monuments in the stunning Utah wilderness.

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